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Debbie shares her story why Canine Insider became an idea she had to implement. Wanting to help many more pet parents stop feeling overwhelmed with bad information. Get real expert advice! 

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The Bank Teller Started to cry......

I remember Carole crying as she was waiting on me at the bank. She was telling me about her dog, Bella. Bella had pulled a ligament about a year ago and Carole just didn't have the thousands of dollars the Vet wanted, to do surgery. Carole knew I consulted pet guardians all over the United States as a Clinical Pet Nutritionist (CPN). I suggested to Carole that her Bella take a particular supplement and see if that might help Bella. I knew the herbs and supplemental combination should have an amazing effect on Bella. I left the bank hoping Carole would try it.

Well, long story short, I ran into Carol about 6-months later, and she started to cry, again! Carole told me she was so glad to see me. She told me she started the supplement I suggested, and Bella is feeling like a puppy again. She wanted to thank me and through the tears she told me "you have no idea how much money you saved me and how much better my dog is doing today."

Last week, I had a consultation with Rebecca from Iowa and her dog Zoey. Zoey is a beautiful Boxer that has so many food allergies, Rebecca didn't know which way to turn. She had gone to multiple pet stores and did online research and could not find a single food she thought Zoey could eat. After speaking with Rebecca about Zoey’s Wellness Scan, I was able to find Rebecca not one, but 6 different foods Zoey would be nourished on and would help alleviate her allergies. Rebecca was ecstatic! Zoey not only got her allergies under control, she lost 9 pounds by being on the right food!

This, my friends, is what I do, I help people. In particular, I help dog parents. I have found that people really need expert dog advice about all sorts of things from what to feed, is it any good, or is the packaging, just marketing hype? I get questions about allergies, weight loss, vaccinations, dental health, hip and joints, food, supplements, and a whole slew of questions. Pretty much, all things, DOG!

Pet parents today are on information overload. There is so much bad information, mis-information and just blatant, awful information. When you need access to an expert where do you go? I’m talking about someone who has credible, certifiable experience, and focused education on nutrition and holistic health for your dog. Well, I came up with an idea to help more dog parents and save them thousands of dollars while taking charge of their dog’s health.

Canine Insider! Canine Insider is a membership community of like-minded dog people that share your same thoughts about having a happy, healthy pet. There will be informational videos, easy treat recipes, and interviews with other experts in a variety of topics like dog training, holistic health experts and more. As a dog guardian, you will get short, concise, clear advice, that’s easy to implement. You’ll become empowered and informed when making decisions for your dog. Your dog will live a healthier, happy life! Plus you will have access to me, a CPN with expert advice. So, I’m asking you to join me. Let's build this dog-loving community together and help our dogs have the best lives ever, inside and out!

You know there’s a better way for a healthier dog. You just need the right information. If you are a pet parent who wants only the best expert educated advice for your furry friend, you have found the right community in Canine Insider. Join me and sign up as a “Founding Member”. You will be helping me create the best membership for YOU and YOUR DOG!

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Bone Appetit, 
Debbie Brookham C.P.N.
Clinical Pet Nutritionist 🐾

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