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If you don't find what you need on this service page, please feel free to contact me, and let's see if we can provide you an exclusive customized plan. I'm here to help! 🐾 Specialized Consultations range from $135-$175

Consultation Services

Pet Nutrition Consultative Services:

 Consultation includes:

*30 or 60 minute phone consultation or Zoom with Clinical Pet Nutritionist

*Client will understand about the current diet the pet is consuming and if a change to the current  food would be recommended.  Nutritional supplements will be suggested, if needed. This will provide you with a better understanding of the current food challenges that may be hindering your pet from optimum health. It is the first step to better health through nutrition. 

There will be a client questionnaire and a consent form to be completed once booking is scheduled.  As I am not a vet, I will not give you medical advice, my role is to support your vet through nutrition. Your consultation includes me preparing for your consult through research, and understanding your questionnaire and current health of your pet.  After your call, I will send you a follow-up email, recapping our conversation with the items discussed, including any products recommended. One or two follow-up emails are included, should they be necessary.

60-minute consultation should be chosen for pets with chronic diseases or any specialized diets. 2-4 follow-up emails are included, should they be necessary.

* Book now and receive a FREE Top Ten Tip Sheet of nutritional tips that no one tells you!

Questionnaire to be completed by Client at time of booking

Consent Form at time of booking

Consultation-30 minutes  $75-Pay Here

Consultation-60 minutes $135 Pay Here

Customized Recipe Plan-$75 after consultation

 Wellness Scan for Food & Environmental Sensitivities

Find out about your dog's food and environmental sensitivities with this easy to do test. You'll find out what you should really be feeding your dog and what ingredients to avoid. With the Wellness Scan and consultation I will be able to direct you to the correct foods based on the results of the Wellness Scan.  As a pet parent, this can take hours to research. Let me help!

Questionnaire to be completed by Client when purchasing Wellness Scan with Consultation

Wellness Scan with Consultation $175-pay here (save $15)

Consultation after Wellness Scan only $75 pay here

Wellness Scan WITHOUT Consultation $115-pay here


Review Veterinarian Allergy Testing Plan

If your pet has received allergy testing with a list of allergens to be avoided, we can help decipher the best diet for your dog. Often times, allergy testing results can be overwhelming and not enough information is given to help you, the pet parent to provide the right nutrition. There is generally a results form given and a recommended list of foods however, not all of the foods on the list may help your pet, and may in fact, worsen your pet's hyper reactivity. Our goal will be to promote optimum health, and provide your pet with a nutritious diet through wholesome foods. Supplements may be recommended.

*Initial 30 minute consultation

*Questionnaire to be completed by Client upon booking

Consent form to be completed upon booking

*3 additional e-mail consultations

*Client will provide the lab results from allergy test given

       $125   Pay Here

Review Glacier Peak Holistics Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan

Your pet has gone through the Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan showing you all the food sensitivities your pet has from a long list of items.

Sometimes, this can be overwhelming. If you're looking for someone to help you find the right foods for your fur baby, you're in the right place.

With 19 years of experience, and 500 hours of additional study as a Certified Clinical Pet Nutritionist I can help you find a recommended list of foods. Foods that you will be able to find at your independent pet store or order online. 

My goal is to help you through the journey of the right food for optimum health. I look forward to serving you and your needs.

Click Here For Questionaire-after booking appointment

 Consultation--30 minute review $75 Pay Here


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